Moonwalker Pink Kush

  • Indica


These aren’t your typical ordinary joint! Moonwalker Twax cones are filled with the finest AAAA+ Flower, infused with THC Distillate and layered with Kief. This supercharged weed cocktail burns super slow with a nice white ash that will surely send you to the moon and back. 1 × 1.75g joint per unit.

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Created on a local Canadian farm and derived from the famous OG kush strain. Pink kush has since made its mark around the world with its chillaxed and tranquil experience. This high strength Indica-dominant hybrid is an ideal smoke for evenings or nights and will have your body buzzing ready for next-level relaxation.
This well-loved strain has a unique flavour profile described as sweet candy and strong floral flavours that are accompanied by subtle earthy undertones making this the perfect tasty dessert.