TRIKE: Hybrid

  • Indica-ish


Current Strain: Pink Diablo

Pink Diablo is a popular indica-dominant hybrid strain coated heavily with sticky trichomes. This strain is loved by many for its smooth soft smoke and leaves a wonderful sweet and spicy flavour on the exhale. For a lucid high and deep body relaxation, look no further.

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  1. Pink Diablo is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that stems from the South African Sativa, Diablo, and an Indica-dominant classic: Pink Kush. This blend gives the strain a nice mix of hot and sweet flavours. Pink Diablo is loved for its notes of pine and citrus fruits and leaves a fragrance of flowers, diesel and musky undertones. Being Indica-dominant, it offers an exciting lucid high while giving the user excellent body soothing effects.

– Perfect size joints (0.5 grams x 3)
– No shake (all killer no filler)
– Low impact (packaging made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials)